Old Mill Walk

IMG_5573Yesterday, I decided to investigate the Arch Bridge at Old Mill even though it was a baking 29 degrees. It’s always good to be by water in this kind of heat and the Humber River was in full spate. Getting off the Subway at Castle Frank, I took the steps by the road bridge that go down into the valley below. A small brown snake reared its head rather aggressively – not sure what it is – a common brown snake, no doubt.IMG_5571

A short walk along the bank brought me to the bridge – a fine and well maintained stone arch from 1916. It’s got a certain regal grace reminiscent of a White Peak setting, but the river’s much wider obviously. Getting pictures was surprisingly more tricky than anticipated as the banks were very muddy owing to recent flooding, and I had to dodge a lot of goose shit!

I then followed the river in full milky churn, as it was, up a series of weirs to Lambton Woods where I met more dense woodlands. I hadn’t brought enough water for a big hike, so turned round and followed it back. Easy to have a snooze on the lush banks as there are plenty of benches and an abundance of dappled shade.



churn: what it says on the tin –

while its treacherous butterness
is pulling you in


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