Gadgets Update

I’m exceptionally please with the £11 macro lens that I got from Ebay and which you simply clip on to the iPhone in front of the camera.

The iPhone camera cannot focus anything that close and you can see how confused it becomes – but I think these photos are amazing – just having been taken on my phone at Allen Garden Conservatory off Jarvis Street.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_456So the other thing that’s working really well is the Twist Adaptr. Here it is with all 4 charging ports in use. My iPad, iPhone, USB Joystick (mtb light) and my portable charger are all just plugged in when I go to bed . The MacBook needs more power so won’t charge from the Twist plus so just got a cheap adapter for that.

And the selfie stick! No more of asking random people to take a photo of you in a weird place and position and you know they are thinking, ‘Who’s this idiot?’ It charges from the camera directly so no need to charge – and it’s just easy! So all of these bargain buys were well worth it.

Sorry there’s nothing witty, nerdy or philosophical in this post – although there’s an implied smugness perhaps.


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