On Baggage

So by this I don’t mean the sort of baggage that has you on the trip in the first place. The stuff rammed into the very darkest places of your self like a a rabid Doberman, your back against the door being the only thing between stability and cataclysm; or the buzzing type that keeps you awake at night, or even the heavy shit that you just drag around day after day. I’m really talking about mistakes I made with my packing decisions – but I suppose that’s just extending the analogy somewhat – because I made a lot of poor packing decisions . 

But practally speaking, I put all my electrical gadgets and adapters in my carry on – thinking it would save on weight in my checked bag (which it did) but security made me spread it all out – so that was four trays and a lot of time and faff! In addition there was terror of not getting it all back.  So I’ll have to revise that for the next flight – and consider swapping for shoes – or perhaps some regret. That attracts quite a bit of gravity. 

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